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How to lubricate the kneading machine parts
The author:admin 来源:High Pu kneading machinery   date: 2017/5/9 Popularity:137

1, reducer tank: kneading machine reducer using sealed splash lubrication, the use of 46 # or similar mechanical lubricants, kneading machine oil can be seen by the fuel tank on the mirror scale, the new machine after the operation of about 500 hours to operate All the replacement of new lubricants, after every 1500 hours of operation to replace the time, pay attention to each time the replacement of new oil should be left in the bottom of the old oil tanker debris and scrap clean.

2, to the gear tank: use and replacement with the reducer. (Experimental and some models using grease does not refer to this configuration)

3, mixing tank toe feet: the use of grease gun into the high temperature lithium grease, add each class once. (Under the material, screw discharge, etc., do not refer to this configuration)

4, the stirring shaft and other bearing: the use of grease gun into the high temperature lithium grease (added once a month, the summer once every half months).

5, Peilin rotary joint: the use of butter gun into the high temperature lithium grease. (Shaft hollow type, no such configuration can refer to)

6, screw gear motor: maintenance method reference 1 (screw discharge type, no configuration can not refer to)

7, screw chain sprocket: can be added to the mechanical oil grease mixed oil, add each class once (screw discharge type dedicated, no configuration models can not refer to)

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