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How to properly repair the kneading machine?
The author:admin 来源:High Pu kneading machinery   date: 2017/5/9 Popularity:104

1, kneading machine after the initial installation should first clean up the machine, decontamination and wipe anti-rust grease and other operations. Check the lubrication points and inject the lubricating oil (grease).
2, the machine should be checked before the start of the triangle belt tightening degree, through the adjustment bolts will be kneading machine generator to the appropriate location.
3, check whether the loose fasteners, steam pipes are leaked, the circuit and electrical equipment is safe. Electric heating type kneading machine must have grounding device
4, before the test room to clean up the room to do 10-15 minutes of air to run, to confirm the normal operation of kneading machine and then put into production. Usually the new machine gear (including reducer) when the initial use of noise, to be a period of time after the noise naturally reduced.
5, the use of steam heating, into the pipeline should be equipped with safety valve.

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