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Elements of high quality reactors
The author:admin 来源:High Pu kneading machinery   date: 2017/5/9 Popularity:115

High quality reactors are mainly those related to safety, equipment appearance and operating conditions and other elements. One of the methods of operation of the autoclave may be safer than the other, perhaps perhaps less pollution to the surrounding environment, and perhaps perhaps a more convenient way of working for adults who work on an adult scale. These elements, though not included in the general principles of value, are obviously also very important.
     Focusing on the economic value of industrial production is the prehistoric of its modern industrial view. The reason why high-quality reactors have developed rapidly is because it can only be expressed at all. Economic value is a fundamental measure of the use of resources in the production process, but the elements of the quality of the reactor, the same urgent need to address the way to think. In this regard, through the establishment of the so-called "social welfare cost analysis" of this analysis is to seek the general scale of industrial capital accounting for the use of quantitative economic theory.
     It is necessary to focus on the narrative of its genre of the set of questions, so that we can only be limited to the general principle of the size of the cost. However, there are other elements exist, which can not be ignored. For example, in the discussion of the optimization of high-quality reactors, we generally have to be made for the sake of optimization. If you choose the wrong objective function, even if you can use in the intelligence of a satisfactory mathematical approach, it will not get accurate results.

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