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(Kneading machine) Qiuzao, to the skin "loaded" a humidifier
The author:admin 来源:High Pu kneading machinery   date: 2017/5/9 Popularity:111

 Moisturizing skin care industry is the tireless promotion of the theme, into the fall is a variety of incitement, so that the beauty of fear and trepidation, as if feeling the skin tight every night, dry lips, dander, fine lines suddenly, wait for each Milk, cream, water, liquid to the face brush.

    Calm! Calm! The work of external skin care needs to be sustained, but not the amount or repeat can be doubled effect. The body itself on the spring of the wind, summer heat, autumn dry, winter cold has a full range of regulatory system, more to the outdoor feel seasonal solar terms, in order to better exercise our set of regulatory system. But this does not mean that we want to "bare body" to accept the test of autumn dry, external protection as usual, the internal maintenance can make our regulatory system work more perfect.


    Moisturizing tea

    Autumn and winter, the skin tight, dry lips, dander, fine lines suddenly. Recommended a moisturizing tea: lily 15 grams, 5 grams of medlar, astragalus 5 grams. All drugs washed, add water 600 ml, the fire to boil, a small fire for 5 minutes to cook. Can be repeated several times to drink tea on behalf of the water. Drink 3 days a week. If the skin is dry and obvious, can be served for a week, after a week even drink 3 days.

    This tea is affordable, and the replenishment effect is very obvious. Even for a week, dry and dry lips, skin tight feeling also disappeared.

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