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Design and Realization of Constant Temperature Water Supply System for Kneader
The author:admin 来源:High Pu kneading machinery   date: 2017/5/9 Popularity:135

In the kneading process due to the friction between the blade and the material and the chemical reaction of the material, the reaction temperature of the mixed material will rise sharply or fall, the safety of the mixed production and the quality of the product has a direct impact. In order to maintain the material in the reaction process to maintain a certain temperature, to maintain the best production conditions, it is necessary to control the reaction temperature, the device using jacket heat transfer, jacket filled with insulation material, jacket within a multi-circle Heating (cooling) water pipes. The reaction temperature of the material in the mixing pot depends on the circulation of the water pipe into a certain temperature to adjust the circulating water. The control of the temperature of the kneaded material is actually the control of the circulating water temperature of the access jacket. Therefore, the establishment of a practical and reliable water supply system is a basic condition for ensuring the normal production of the mixing equipment. The original water supply system uses a medium temperature water tank and a low temperature water tank alternately to the kneading pot jacket to carry on the water circulation, controls the mixing pot to clamp the circulating water temperature within the water pipe to achieve the goal of controlling the reaction temperature of the mixed material. The water supply system in the use of the process of exposure to water loss, low temperature control accuracy of the shortcomings. 1 water supply system piping design system control tank mainly to complete the mixing pot temperature control; electric boiler on the system circulating water heating; soft water tank has two functions: on the one hand to ensure that the control tank water level is not lower than the normal working water level, on the other hand You can cool the control tank. 1.1 system circuit composition 1.2 system installation characteristics 2 constant temperature water supply system control to achieve 2.1 system data acquisition In order to achieve effective monitoring of the site, the tank is equipped with a level gauge and thermometer on the tank level and temperature data The temperature of the circulating water is collected by the temperature sensor, and the temperature of the kneading pot is measured by the temperature sensor. 2.2 Intelligent human temperature control algorithm As the kneading production process, many factors of temperature interference, the change is very complex, it is difficult to establish a precise mathematical model of temperature changes, the use of conventional control method is difficult to get a good control effect. In the past, the same equipment kneading temperature control process, by the operator according to the monitor display data or alarm prompts, after the accused temperature reaches a certain limit after the manual operation button by the PLC instructions to switch the solenoid valve to adjust the circulating water temperature, The safety performance and the quality of the kneading are largely determined by the operator's experience, the control is not very precise, leaving a lot of hidden dangers. 2.3 System monitoring According to the work process and characteristics of the kneading equipment, in order to improve the degree of automation, make full use of the existing conditions, in the mixer HMI-IPC control system hardware and software environment, the mixing pot constant temperature water supply system to monitor. Chemical production process in a large number of temperature control requirements, the corresponding temperature control system design should take full account of the application of the system object, the use of the environment, control methods and control accuracy requirements in order to ensure that the design of the system to meet the actual production needs. This article describes the constant temperature water supply system has a certain degree of versatility, automation and control accuracy are high, suitable for general or special requirements of the kneading mixing production process and similar production process.

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